Enhancing Your Manufactured Home Community:

Manufactured Home Community in Oceano, California, street view

Key Infrastructure Improvements to Boost Resident Satisfaction

Do you own a manufactured home community and are you looking to make some improvements for not only the quality of life for your residents but also justify a lot-rent increase? It’s crucial to invest in infrastructure improvements that directly enhance the overall appeal of your communities while addressing the needs and desires of your residents.

Utility Upgrades

Upgrading water and sewer systems ensures a more reliable supply of essential services. Fewer disruptions mean happier residents and a more attractive community. If your faucet has no pressure or your sewer is backing up, it’s hard to appreciate other site improvements.

Paved Roads

Thriving communities start with well-maintained roads. Paved roads provide smoother transportation within the community and reduce dust and mud, creating a safer and more pleasant living environment. Consideration should be given to design elements that promote safe driving, such as intersection bump-outs and raised crosswalks.

Street Lighting

Adequate street lighting enhances safety and security within the community. It’s an investment that not only improves residents’ peace of mind but also contributes to the overall aesthetics of the community.

Stormwater Management

Proper drainage systems and retention ponds prevent flooding and erosion during heavy rains, safeguarding the community and its infrastructure.  This is a hard one to address in existing communities that have many low spots.  But there are some tiling options to move water to designated locations so that residents do not have to step in water to get to their car or front step.

Security Measures

Enhanced security features like gated entrances, surveillance cameras, good lighting, and security patrols make residents feel safer. Security is a top priority for many residents and plays a large role in quality of life.

High-Speed Internet

In today’s digital age, access to high-speed internet is increasingly important. Providing reliable internet services can be a significant selling point for residents. Many times, new internet can be laid directly in the same trench as new electrical lines if you are completing an electrical upgrade, sometimes at no additional cost to the community.

Landscaping and Green Spaces

Well-landscaped common areas, parks, and green spaces contribute to a visually appealing and tranquil atmosphere. These areas provide residents with a space to relax and enjoy nature.

Creating a Thriving Community Through Infrastructure Improvements

The key to success is understanding your residents’ specific needs and preferences. Engage in open communication, conduct surveys, and tailor your manufactured home community improvements accordingly. By addressing the desires of your community and enhancing their overall living experience, you not only boost resident satisfaction but also create a compelling case for a lot-rent increase.

Investing in these infrastructure improvements isn’t just about enhancing property value; it’s about creating a thriving, happy, and tightly knit community that residents are proud to call home. If you are looking for a partner to help you address any of these issues, please visit www.clearwelleng.com for more information.